Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pinoy superhero with powers coming from his tattoos? Watch Robin Padilla as Joaquin Bordado on MyPinoy.TV

Are you addicted to superheroes? Are you one of those Pinoy hero fanatics who could not end their day without viewing their favorite Pinoy versions of heroes?

Relatively, if you were a superhero, what skills or extra-human powers would you like to acquire? In the case of Joaquin—our major hero in the super-thrilling, fantasy series, his superpowers are unique and really one of a kind. Have you ever heard of superpowers coming from tattoos? Joaquin derives his extra, superhuman strength from his tattoos (burdas) as his animal tattoos have the capacity to be brought to life and those which are marked in Joaquin’s body to signify extraordinary strength and fierce skills when it comes to fighting.

Before thinking about himself and the welfare of his family, Joaquin prioritizes helping other people who are in need inspite of the urgency of helping a loved one because for Joaquin, being a ‘Bordado’ is more than just having cool tattoos in his body. Each tattoo he has engraved in his body has a significant meaning for him, which in general, purports to give him the responsibility of fighting evil to implement goodness and fortitude and the responsibility of helping any person who is in need.

Robin Padilla is Joaquin Apacible or Joaquin Bordado at MyPinoy.TV.

Watch the complete episodes of Joaquin Bordado only at the official and licensed website of Pinoy TV streaming at MyPinoy.Tv (http://MyPinoy.TV).

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Quest for Love begins as Etheria: The Fith Kingdom of Encandtadia is now available at MyPinoy.TV

"There is a thin between love and hatred.” Oftentimes, those people we love so much are the persons we hate so much in the long run—especially when our relationships don’t work out the way we expect them to be. In this article you are going to read about a TV fantasy series, which I frequently watch and I find very much related to the well-known statement I describe in the introductory part of this article. I am talking about the primetime TV serye hit, Etheria: Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia’ that I recently watched at MyPinoy.TV (http://MyPinoy.TV).

It was in this TV series that I have watched online (via MyPinoy.TV’s streaming) that I see what LOVE can do to people: at best, a person could be so inspired and feel extremely euphoric and overwhelmingly happy like for instances when the characters like the four Sang’gre sisters (Pirena, Alena, Amihan, and Danaya) fall in love. However at worst, if love and relationship fail due to mistrust and betrayal, A person could be so bitter, vengeful, and filled with hatred like when Queen Avria of Etheria learns of Memen’s secret affair with Urnea (who seems to be a diwata).

How I wish the Four Sang’gre sisters could convince Queen Avria to change her decision about killing his husband, Memen and the rest of the diwatas because of the painstaking emotion which stroke her after the moment she has proven Memen’s guilt of betrayal and affair with Urnea. Since true love forgive and forgets, I hope that would also be the ending for the characters in this story. Join me as I follow the journey of the four diwatang Sang’gres in their quest for the cure of the heartaches and hatred brought about by vengeance and the absence of LOVE by watching Etheria: The Fifth Kingdom of Encantadia.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Love or Power: Find out which is more valuable by watching Majika at MyPinoy.TV

Is it true that love works best with power? Is it considered true love when a person uses magic spells or powers for the sake of making their object of love to love them back? I guess not. In Watching Majika at MyPinoy.TV (http://MyPinoy.TV), you will realize what are the most valuable things in your life, which are worth living for.

Upon watching Majika at MyPinoy.TV, I came to realize that the best things in life are FREE—our friends, our family, our heart, and even including our principles--are those elements of life which makes life worth living for. It is therefore senseless or purposeless to live a life of lie, deception, and make-believe just because a person years for power (Majika or magical powers), fame, status, and love when you are to sacrifice your principles, your loved ones, and your friends as well. Sometimes, people in reality often seeks for the temporary pleasures in life which I have mentioned (fame, power, status) that they forget they already have in them what happiness and love they are looking for in this world—if they should only look around them.

One example of a truth left unnoticed is the gift of LIFE (the best things worth celebrating for in this life). Oftentimes, it is not new to us that people seek for a special someone whom they could love and could love them forever—it is frequent that individuals resort to many evil things just to destroy a relationship and have their loved ones for themselves; when in reality, LOVE is always around us, in all he people surrounding us—we can pour out our love in our family, in our friends, in our society, and all those neighbors who need our help. God loves us so much that he provides everything we need if we could only feel and see—and that LOVE is the genuine Majika which works magically to change ourselves and the world.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gagambino Accessible on MyPinoy.TV's streaming

Unexplainable by Science and incomprehensible by any human mind but oftentimes, the impossible really exists especially at unexpected times. This is true for Gagambino: the story of a boy named Bino who has a huge giant spider for a pet. Watch Gagambino on MyPinoy.TV’s streaming at http://MyPinoy.

Bino used to dream to become like his father since he was a child. He wants to become a police who fights the villains and stop evil’s works like crime in the city. However, a monstrous villain killed Bino’s father—by a fierce insect-like, hideous creature named Abresia. Bino witnessed how fierce the villain Abresia was and he wishes that one day he would avenge his father’s death and others’ innocent lives which Abresia destroyed. One day in his childhood, Bino calls his friends to visit the Tierra Higanta and there mysterious, huge insects bit them and so after the incident, it all changed their lives. Bino escapes death as he was saved by what he formerly thought to become a poinsous and harmful humongous spider. On the contrary, according to news, the other friends of Bino’s just vanished and they were believed to be as good as death. No one knows if they really died but their present whereabouts are still unknown.

Could Bino maintain being good-willed inspite of the loss of her loved ones? Is he a deserving successor to be the owner of a very powerful medallion, which could save the earth from evil forces?

Journey with Bino as you accompany him with his adventures with his friends. Dennis Trillo plays the role of the main character/superhero in this story, Gagambino. Catch them at MyPinoy.Tv’s official website: http://MyPinoy.TV.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bella Aldama or Marimar on

Life is like a game as we always say but when it comes to reality, we never liked the idea that we are being played by our fate. Sometimes, we never expect things to turn out as we expect them to be and saddest part, what we hate and fear to happen is what often occurs. See for yourself and know more about the character of Bella Aldama as she faces these challenges in her life and watch Marimar at (

For Bella Aldama (played by Marian Rivera, the lead actress of Marimar—the Pinoy version), she had rather have a clean heart instead of rich but impure heart. Bella Aldama or Marimar is a lovely, beautiful, and very down-to-earth woman who is loved by most of her family and friends because of her sweetness, courage, and strength. Inspite of always being picked on, Marimar stood up for what she believes in and she fights for her right to love. Because of her strong qualities, which serves as a good example of a woman, she has proven to her enemies (those who put her down) that inspite of being poor at first, what matters most is her clean heart with pure innocence, good intentions, and care for others which make her loved by people the more. Moreso, Bella had realized that the rich and fame is nothing and worthless because what maters most in the end, is LOVE. Not only the love for a partner, but love for God and that rest of humanity.

On the contrary, Angelica (the villain in the story played by Katrina Halili) is all but Marimar’s opposite: revengeful, vile, gold-digger/money-driven, ill-mannered, etc. It was shown in Marimar that being bad (revengeful, ill-mannered, full of hatred) did not bring any good karma for Angelica. She always make it a point to be a nuisance and destroyer of Marimar’s life; in so doing, Angelica often doubts herself as she envy Bella’s success, she feels alone and she often feels unloved and misfortunate most of the time, regardless if she’s rich or poor, being bad gave her no peace of mind. In so doing, only time would tell if Angelica has the chance to change for the better.

It is cool that GMA network had decided to create its Pinoy version of Marimar and it is now accessible in MyPinoy.TV (

Monday, October 12, 2009

Do you know what Majika is?

Are you the type of person who is so into magic? Witchcraft? Sorcery? Do you want to unleash the wizard in you, which is for a long time lying dormant? In case you want to know how it feels like to live a life of a sorcerer with magical spells and amazing powers, you should watch ‘Majika,’ the Philippine fantasy series (fantaserye) of GMA network now accessible at (

Majika, is starred by Ms. Angel Locsin—one of the finest and most promising actress in the Philippines, she plays the role of Sabina—an ordinary teenage girl who experienced living in the world of humans (the mortals). After which living in the world of humans, she later on realizes that she has a destiny to fulfill. Sabina discovers that she is to become the heir of the title: ‘The best female Salamangka.’ Moreover, Sabina grew up knowing all those time that her true parents who looked after her ate Garam (Zoren Legaspi) and Ayesa (Carmina Villaroel). Not knowing that her true biological mother is Eloida. At one time, Sabina’s foster parents Garam and Ayesa suddenly disappeared for reasons she doesn’t know why. Others say, the Balkans captured them; but what is the truth?

Since Sabina’s parents and siblings vanished, she doesn’t know what to do after her family disappeared before her eyes. At one time, Sabina realizes that in order to look for her family (which is currently said to be in Saladin), she has to learn and be the expert of ‘Majika’ (definition of magic or sorcery in Tagalog). Upon learning the ways of a Salamangka (native inhabitant s of Saladin), Sabina would be able to find for her loved ones: her parents and siblings and she would learn the truth, which is waiting for her to discover.

Watch the live streaming of the episodes of Majika at and watch for free during 24-hour trial period.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Watch Luna Mystika at and discover the real essence of LOVE

Are you willing to do everything just for the sake of love? Are you one of those types of person who would choose love for his happiness instead of fame, pride, and to the extent that you would need to fight for that love and contradict your own family? And if in case you seek for that one true love you have been waiting for a long time, What would be your basis: Physical Beauty or Beauty that is skin deep?

This article is all about the lessons I learned upon watching Luna Mystika at ( Upon watching the streaming of the episodes of Luna Mystika, I noticed that my viewing is worthwhile due to the messages that the characters imply and would like to impart among the audience. It is implied in the pinoy serye that “Love is not blind. “

Literally, a person may be blind and fall in love with an unattractive partner—it is acceptable. However, a person who is truly in love should not be blind. Meaning, the person who is in love, should open both eyes to reality of imperfection of the partner and refrain from being bias. A person who is in love should be aware of the flaws and imperfections of the partner yet it does not mean that the person in love should break up with a partner once the weaknesses and imperfections are seen. The couple in a relationship should inspire one’s partner to bring out the best in him/her. If the partner was once selfish and self-centered, the other partner should be a good example in the relationship and in that manner, the partner shows that there is growth in the relationship which worth to last.

Moreover, for a relationship to last, its foundation should be strong enough by practicing Sincerity and mutual trust. If either of these two is overlooked, the relationship is not likely to last. Some of the other things I have learned upon watching Luna Mystika at include the ff.: Looks can be deceiving and beauty is skin deep. In addition, it should be put into account that for a true loving relationship to last, both partners should refrain from lies and deception. No exception. I believe that “The end never justify the means.” What is wrong, is always wrong, there is no such thing as lesser evil.